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Bali Tour Package and Car Rental

Bali Tours Club Travel Agent, provide travel information on Tour Package and Car Rental, enjoy your sightseeing during holiday in Bali. To rental car  available with self drive or with private driver. All tours and travel package available here. Rates relate to the condition and year of vehicle. When advising the type of vehicle that you would prefer, please clarify condition or rate of your choice and book your rental car in advance to guarantee your booking.
---------------------- LIST OF BUS AND CAR RENTAL IN BALI ----------------------
 Charter: Include petrol and driver (speaking English), the price in Indonesian Rupiah
Sewa Bus di Bali : 20 - 45 seat
 Bali Car Rental: TOYOTA INOVA
 Bali Car Rental: TOYOTA AVANZA Bali Car Rental: SUZUKI APV
Price details CLICk HERE

 Self drive: 350.000/day Charter:600.000/10hrs Passengers:7pax

 Self drive:   215.000/day Charter:460.000/10hrs Passengers:5pax
 Self drive: 215.000/day Charter:460.000/10hrs Passengers: 5pax 
Rental Mini Bus: ISUZU ELF
Charter:  800.000/10hrs Passengers:12 pax

Charter: 750.000/10hrs Passengers:9pax

Self drive: 120.000/day Charter:375.000/10hrs Passengers:3pax

Self drive: 175.000/day Charter:425.000/10hrs Passengers:3pax
Luxury Bali Car Rental: TOYOTA COMMUTER
Luxury Bali Car Rental: TOYOTA ALPHARD
Luxury Bali Car Rental: TOYOTA ALL NEW CAMRY
Mercedez Benz E320 (new eyes)

Charter:  1.300.000/6hrs 1.600.000/12hrs

Charter:  1.200.000/6hrs 1.550.000/12hrs

Charter:  1.200.000/6hrs 1.550.000/12hrs

Charter:  1.200.000/6hrs 1.550.000/12hrs

---------------------- TOUR PACKAGE ----------------------

Bali is one of popular tourist destination in Indonesia, therefore we provide complete travel information about tourist places, tour destinations, attractions and cultures. It is about what we feel and see in our island, the beautiful Bali, Consisting of images and stories about people, culture, nature, art,  performance, Balinese ceremonies and daily life, Bali landscape as well as what we can offer you to experience. Able to share the beauty and uniqueness of Bali always make we proud.

Volcano in Batur - Kintamani          
 Sunset in Tanah Lot Bali   
 Waterfall in Gitgit - Bali
Full Day Bali Tour: Kintamani - Tampasiring Tour. USD 24/pax      

Full Day Bali Tour: Tanah Lot (sunset) - Bedugul Tour. USD 24/pax

 Full Day Bali Tour: Lovina - Gitgit waterfall Tour. USD 24/pax
Bali white water rafting : Ayung river          
 Bali white water rafting : Telaga Waja river
 Bali water sport in Tanjung Benoa

Bali Adventure Rafting: White water rafting in Ayung River. Only USD 33.00 nett


Bali Adventure Rafting: White water rafting in Telaga Waja River. Only USD 33.00 nett

 Bali Water sport: Water sport in Tanjung Benoa - Bali.

We offers best established world class Bali Tour services for your holiday and vacation. Very flexible destination itinerary and very much based on your interest and it will be a great pleasure to organize your tour itinerary.
 Contact us:

Bali Tours Club

E-mail: info(at)

Ph. +62 (0)361.8709363 (office hours) 

HP/SMS (hotline): .+62.081 916 533 222


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